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Why Us
Why Us
When choosing an operator it is extremely important to make the right descision. See what makes us stand out from the hundreds of other Adventure and Travel companies on the internet.
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There are hundreds of travel companies on the internet these days. When you work hard all year for 2 - 4 weeks holiday leave it is very important that you choose the right adventure company. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose Cutting Edge Adventures as your operator on your next adventure holiday.

We Give Back

At CEA we support a variety of Charity's and Not For Profit Organisations. These Charity's and Organisations provide many less fortunate people and communities with medical, education, food, building, road and transport infrastructure.

We Are Fully Insured

Unlike many adventure companies and tour guides in Australia and around the world, Cutting Edge Advenutres is fully insured with up to $10 million public liability cover. If you are injured on a trip, travel insurance companies will not honour policies if you travel with an uninsured, unlicensed operator. This is a very important factor to consider when choosing your tour operator. Do not risk your health and life just to save a few hundred dollars.

We Are The Operator

Cutting Edge Adventures only offer trips that are run professionally by either our own local team or by a local operator that works with Cutting Edge Adventures to our own and industry standards. In Australia we are the operator. Our guides are experienced and reliable who follow a strict set of environmental, social, cultural and labour policies. For operations we do not run ourselves directly, we ensure our local operator abides by these same set of standards.

We Are Accredited And Licensed

Cutting Edge Adventures have and hold the following accreditations and licenses.

• We are accredited to operate a Bus Service in NSW. NSW Ministry of Transport Accredited Operator: 40312

• We are licensed to conduct Adventure activities in NSW National Parks. Parks Eco License:

• We are licensed to conduct Adventure activities on the Six Foot Track in NSW. Six Foot Track License:

No Hidden Extras

Our trips are all inclusive, so there is little need to pay for anything once your trip commences until it ends. We provide a list of what to bring and participants are made aware at the time of booking what is included and excluded as part of their adventure package.

Have A Social, Cultural and Environmental Conscience

It is very important when traveling to have a positive impact on the social, cultural and environmental aspects of the places we visit. We ensure that when you visit places with CEA, your presence will help those that live there, that their culture will be respected and that our impact on the environment will be minimal.

Social Policy

All of our local teams are paid above market wages, well equipped and well fed for your adventure. As a result of the better work conditions and pay, it ensures that our local teams remain healthy and highly motivated on your adventure.

Cultural Policy

All societies throught the world have their own rules and traditions borne out of generations of cultural development.While on your Adventure, we will ask you to respect theses local cultures. We are not here to change them, but to witness them and appreciate them as another form of human existence.

Environmental Policy

There are many aspects to the issue of the environmental impact of travel. Flying to the destination, accommodation, food preparation and human waste control are all covered either directly or by our own environmental policy. While on Adventure we will offset all your carbon emissions. Where possible on flights we fly carbon neutral, We try where possible to use eco friendly accommodation. Food is bought and prepared locally and we try as much as possible to to use fresh produce. All non biodegradable material is packed and brought back to the main metropolitan centres for correct disposal.

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